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Fleshlight LaunchPad Giveaway!
Hey everyone!

[Image: saffron-launchpad.png]

This contest is to win a FREE Fleshlight LaunchPad! To enter, leave a comment below telling me which of my videos you would love to watch on a LaunchPad! On June 1st, I will select a random commenter to win the LaunchPad! Smile Click here to become a member and leave a comment!

(If you're already a paying member of, then you can use your same username/password to sign into this forum and leave a comment!)

In order to be eligible to win, you must have been an active member to the site at some point during the month of May! So even if your membership expired on May 1st, you can enter! Smile Click here to become a member if you're not already!

I will cover shipping to anywhere in the Continental USA/Canada! Also, this giveaway is just for the LaunchPad itself; it does not come with a Fleshlight sleeve or case, so you will need your own to use the LaunchPad properly! Smile Click here to get a Fleshlight!

[Image: MVI_3756.MP4.Still001.png]

I plan on making a whole series of videos using the Fleshlight, so I'd love to hear your suggestions for future video ideas!

If you want to buy a Fleshlight of your own, check out where I posted some video reviews! I also have an affiliate link set up with Fleshlight, so if you use it to purchase one you'll be supporting us at no additional cost! Thank you so much to everyone who supports us by buying memberships, clips, and watching our free videos! It helps us continue to make free videos and do contests for you guys! Smile

[Image: vlcsnap-2017-04-16-17h00m40s690.png]

This is also the launch of our new forum! Let me know what you think, and I'd love to hear if you have any ideas for threads or future contests!

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them below or send me an email!

I signed up today just to enter! I hope no one else enters so i can win the launchpad! I have 2 fleshlites and I love them! The vid I will watch most with this will be the first vid I downloaded..... the double bj with you an lacey! mmmmmmm.... <3

yea baby i'll take that fleshlight if you cum use on my cock idk my fav vid they all sooooo gud
I'll throw my hat in the far as the video I would use most with this, really any of your wrinkled sole vids,...I hope they make a fleshlight with your pussy so I imagine its my cock inside you...
Hello, I would like to register your contest! The favorite video that would belong to me would be the strange alien saffron version you are! Both parts thank you :*
Hey I just only signed up today just to enter for this free giveaway... please choose me I love watching your videos your so sexy the way you handle that cock you always suck on ans how you lick it it's so hot!! ... I love the video of you called double cumshot blowjob!
(p.s you follow me on twitter)
Enter me in the contest. I like the Saffron says video the best.

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